Thursday, 1 March 2012

Guinea Pigs go Ceramic!

Thought I'd share a wee something that I made recently for my lovely sister Delia's birthday. It was a big birthday so I wanted to give her something special and rather than a picture (I don't think she has anymore wall space!), I thought I would attempt something a little bit different.

I love ceramics, and these ceramic workshops everywhere make it really easy to create something truly original and personal. Delia is an outstanding cook and owns and runs the one and only and totally fabulous Jammy Coo gallery & coffee shop so I thought a cake stand was the order of the day!

I've used Delia's favourite character from (warning-shameless plug coming up!) my new book Guinea Pig Party which you can per order here!!!

It's so lovely drawing on a different surface and working on the ceramic means that you are never too sure how the end images will turn out. The words "love and calories" surround the plate because according to our other sister, this is what we are good at spreading (it's a talent)!
And here it is, used for the first time to display a very delicious (and enormous!) birthday cake made by our lovely Mum - the original love and calories spreader!

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