Saturday, 10 March 2012

Eat Cake Like Nobody's Watching!

So I'm thinking that it may look a little like I'm a little obsessed with Guinea Pigs looking at the frequency of their appearance on this blog! This might only be a tiny bit true.... I just love drawing them, they are so much fun and can do so much!

It was another one of my beautiful sisters' birthdays recently so I thought I would make her a plate that she could use everyday to remind her of the important things in life - dancing, eating cake, and feeling loved!

This guinea pig character is probably my favourite from my new book Guinea Pig Party (sorry, another shameless plug!), she just makes me smile a lot! Her balletic grace and cuddly curves make her the perfect ambassador for my take on that fabulous saying of "dance like nobody's watching", and she fits perfectly into the shape of the plate too - very helpful!

It actually took me two attempts to get this plate right as the first ended up having some 'issues' during the firing process. It was a good thing really as this second plate has turned out so much better, I am really pleased with how it has turned out. I've included some before pics too to show how it looked before the firing process.

Am off to continue my quest to develop some new stories now - my head is full of all sorts of critters doing all sorts of silly things at the moment so I need to go make some sense of it all and get them behave themselves on paper!

Ps. The lovely folks at Nosy Crow have put up a great link to have a page-turning sneak-preview of Guinea Pig Party, take a peek here!

Have a lovely weekend lovely people xxx

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  1. these are your guinea pigs. I just love those cute animals!