Friday, 10 September 2010

Tweet Tweet

So I have finally finished doing my bear book (Yay!) which I am so excited about and I am keeping everything crossed that it goes down well at the Frankfurt book fair in a few weeks time!

This leaves me with a little bit of time to do a bit of blogging and start thinking about the next project and to perhaps create some images just for the sake of it! Here are a couple of little pics I did recently, inspired by something I did for a friends birthday present. The leaves are collaged from pieces of backgrounds I created for the bear book. Although not particularly accurate, these little birds are inspired by the gorgeously perky Wren, possibly my favourite british bird.

I am going to take these off to the framer later and put a lovely big mount and frame on them ready to be exhibited at the Jammy Coo's "Jammy Coo Turns Two" exhibition in October.


  1. I LOVE these!!!!!!!

  2. Congratulations on finishing your bear book Holly! Love looking at all your work on this, and enjoy reading your blog entries! Love this little bird, and the colours are stunning! xx