Thursday, 26 August 2010

I Miss My Sister

Last year I did the illustrations for a fantastic little book for the Child Bereavement Charity to be used as an aid to help children cope and work through the stages of bereavement following a loss. It was an amazing project to be involved with and they were fantastic clients.

From a creative point of view, this was one of the first book commissions that I did where the main subjects were people, although I couldn't resist adding a little four legged friend companion too! I really loved the challenge of illustrating the sensitive emotions involved in the story.

Even though the subject is very sad, this is a really uplifting book full of warmth and love and with really positive messages, perfect for personal use or great to have in a classroom library. Definitely one of my favourite book projects to date.

The book was published by the charity itself and you can find it here.

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